Welcome to HLand Finance, a decentralized crypto financial platform for smart and secure portfolios.

HLand Finance is the most Defi-like financial platform that introduces a simple and easy investment system and a governance system created by participants without the forces controlling the ecosystem.

HLand Ecology

Hland Earn
Start earning tokens simply by contributing liquidity to the community pool.

Hland Swap
Conveniently switch between various digital assets under the efficiency engine of an automated market maker (AMM).

Hland Saving
Weighted yields and lock-up periods bring growth and stability to arenas such as savings and smart contract lending.

Hland Governance
Members of the Hland community will always have the power to voice their ideas, vote on changes, and shape the project’s future.

HLand Token Information

  • Total Supply : 100,000
  • Digged in 4 years, 25 thousand per year

HLand Finance Yield Farming

1. Hplus Pool(Opened)

  • reward type : HLand

2. (HLAND) Pool(Opened)

  • reward type : HLand

3. (. ) Pool(scheduled to open)

  • reward type : HLand

4. (. ) Pool(scheduled to open)

  • reward type : HLand

News about us can be found through the community below.

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